Grading Policies


Studio Lesson:  

  • Students will be graded on objectives for each lesson.  
  • Lessons will cover various skills and techniques.  

Studio Projects 

  • Students will be evaluated on effort, time management, craftsmanship, design and creativity.   
  • During long term assignments, students will receive a weekly evaluation grade. 

Climate Rubric 

  • Each student will receive up to 5 points per week.  
  • Students will earn rubric points and will be posted on Edline each week.  
  • Each day, students will receive 1 or 0 points based on their readiness to learn.  
  • If student is late, is disruptive, or failing to meet dress code requirements, the students will lose their rubric point for the day. 

Make up work and make up tests 

  • Students will be allowed to make up work missed due to excused absences. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to check for missed work and make necessary arrangements with the teacher.  

Late Work:  

  • Incomplete and late work results in loss of points. 
  • It is the students responsibilty to keep up with class work and ask for help when needed.