• Sports Hall of Fame Nominations

    SJHS Sports Hall of Fame Requirements (for individuals)

    1. Must be a graduate of St. Joseph High School
    2. Must have graduated no fewer than 10 years from year of nomination
    3. Must have participated in a school sponsored sport
    4. Must have achieved documented status in at least one of the following: team captain, Most Valuable Player, All-Conference, All-Area (or better)
    5. May be required to provide approved recognition of the above
    6. Must be nominated with online form fully completed
    7. Nomination must be received no later than the published deadline

    SJHS Sports Hall of Fame Requirements (for teams)

    1. Year of team nominated is no fewer than 10 years prior to nomination
    2. All team players are graduates of (or students who at one time attended) St. Joseph High School
    3. Achieved a level of notable success based on a multiple year dominance or a significant one-year accomplishment
    4. Must be nominated with online form fully completed
    5. Nomination must be received no later than the published deadline

     SJHS Sports Hall of Fame Requirements (for coaches)

    1. Must have been head coach of a team
    2. Must have achieved a level of accomplishment based upon at least one of the following: success in the sport, recognition by peers, longevity in the program
    3. Must be nominated with online form fully completed
    4. Nomination must be received no later than the published deadline

    Revised 9/4/20

    Nominations submitted to the selection committee must include as much information as possible on the athletic accomplishments of the nominee while at SJHS as well as the name and contact information of the person nominating the athlete, team or coach Submit your nomination by completing the required form.

    The deadline for submitting nomination is October 31. The Hall of Fame Induction will take place in January or February during half-time of a varisty basketball game. Look for more details as we enter the new year.

  • The Saint Joseph High School Sports Hall of Fame honors those student-athletes whose successes in and out of the classroom are recognized by their classmates at least ten years after their graduation. These student-athletes are formally recognized and inducted at the annual Hall of Fame Game. 

    Daniel Ghilardi 1964 Wrestling
    Paul Klassovity 1964 Basketball
    Dick Kuhn 1964 Baseball
    Dick Sebek 1964 Baseball
    Chester Trotto 1964 Baseball
    Tom Suhrbur 1964 Wrestling
    Anthony Giunta 1965 Baseball
    Stephen  Hunt 1965 Track & Field
    Joseph Piane 1965 Cross Country
    Bill Rogus 1965 Wrestling
    Ralph Salvino 1965 Baseball
    Dennis Desmond 1966 Baseball
    Tom Miller 1966 Basketball
    John Hackett 1967 Track & Field
    Tom Kersten 1967 Tennis
    Ray Ricordati 1967 Wrestling
    Joe Rogus 1967 Wrestling
    Mike Barrett 1968 Soccer
    John Gerhard 1968 Soccer
    Dermot Hunt 1968 Cross Country, Track & Field
    Bill Lee 1968 Wrestling
    Bob Dee 1969 Soccer
    Terry Drugan 1969 Football
    Jerry Fox 1969 Football
    Dan Hogan 1969 Baseball
    Joe Steltenkamp 1969 Soccer
    Edwin Connelly 1970 Track & Field
    Danny Field 1970 Baseball
    Thomas Harazin 1970 Wrestling
    Thomas Loechel 1970 Track & Field
    Kevin Sheehan 1970 Soccer
    Richard Brunke 1971 Soccer
    William Harazin 1971 Wrestling
    Fred Arand 1972 Soccer
    George  Cronin 1972 Soccer
    Andy Frederick 1972 Football
    Arturo Galvin 1972 Soccer
    Jose Sandoval 1972 Soccer
    Kevin Tyrell 1972 Baseball, Basketball & Football
    David Wieczorek 1972 Basketball
    Mike Lynn 1973 Cross Country, Track & Field
    Bob Parks 1973 Track & Field
    Tony Ardizzone 1974 Football
    Frank Burdi 1974 Baseball
    Terry O'Brien 1974 Football
    Welmon Sampson 1974 basketball
    Bob Tripocchio 1974 Baseball & Football
    Doug Copeland 1975 Basketball
    Dennis Jaburek 1975 Baseball
    Dennis Moran 1975 Football
    Michael Morris 1975 Basketball
    Carmen Saldato 1975 Soccer
    Martin Anaya 1976 Soccer
    Bruce Shirmulis 1976 Baseball & Football
    Andrew Cooper 1977 Basketball
    Roger Bauer 1978 Soccer
    Ray Clark 1978 Basketball
    George  Johnson 1978 Baseball & Basketball
    Paul Tanzillo 1978 Football
    Tyrone Brewer 1979 Basketball
    Isiah Thomas 1979 Basketball
    Paul Arand 1980 Basketball
    Emil Cairo 1980 Baseball
    Terry Egan 1980 Basketball
    Patrick Griffin 1980 Football, Track & Field
    Gil Hesslau 1980 Football
    Ed Kolar 1981 Baseball
    Joseph Stockhausen 1981 Soccer
    Kenny Williams 1981 Basketball
    Patrick Tanzillo 1981 Football
    Dwayne King 1982 Basketball
    Tony Reeder 1983 Basketball
    Daryl Thomas 1983 Basketball
    Renato Williams 1983 Basketball
    Robert  Early 1984 Basketball & Football
    Chris Funchess 1984 Basketball
    Raul Tamez 1984 Football, Track & Field, Wrestling
    Andre Love 1985 Track & Field
    Alex Nitchoff 1985 Soccer
    Kevin  Yurgil 1985 Soccer
    Tony Freeman 1986 Basketball
    Sterling Mahan 1986 Basketball
    Constantino Nitchoff 1986 Soccer
    Billy Stanback 1986 Basketball
    Ed Veome 1986 Diving
    Jeff Berndt 1987 Soccer
    Brian Molis 1987 Basketball
    Craig Lottie 1987 Football
    Marc Rossi 1987 Baseball
    Clifford Scales 1987 Basketball
    Quentin Williams 1987 Football
    Carl Hayes 1988 Basketball
    Kevin Kwak 1988 Golf
    Deryl Cunningham 1989 Basketball
    Travis Spiropoulos 1989 Soccer
    Scott Berndt 1990 Soccer
    Marty Clark 1990 Basketball
    Greg Lechtenberg 1990 Football & Wrestling
    Kevin McCoy 1990 Baseball & Football
    Mark Layton 1990 Basketball
    Chris Schremp 1990 Football
    William Gates 1991 Basketball
    Robert  Loftus 1991 Baseball
    Amal McCaskill 1991 Basketball
    Demond Rodez 1991 Wrestling
    Patrick Sulin 1991 Soccer
    Chris Cassidy 1992 Hockey
    Gerald Eaker 1992 Basketball
    Adam Farmar 1992 Track & Field
    Derek Molis 1992 Basketball
    John Salka 1993 Baseball
    Nick Alonzo 1993 Wrestling
    Jason Jacobs 1993 Hockey
    Brian Manfre 1993 Football & Wrestling
    Eric Mathies 1993 Football & Wrestling
    Keith  Cable 1994 Soccer
    Marcus Ealey 1994 Football
    Arnold Gonzalez 1994 Soccer
    Jeron Hines 1994 Football
    Rodney Horton 1994 Basketball
    Joseph Krasucki 1994 Soccer
    Jimmy  Roussakis 1994 Soccer
    Joseph Accardi 1995 Hockey
    Michael Baranski 1995 Soccer
    Danny  Galvez 1995 Soccer
    Derrick Mims 1995 Basketball
    Ryan Paveza 1995 Soccer
    Franco Francese 1996 Football & Baseball
    JJ Ruane 1996 Soccer
    Joseph Santucci 1997 Soccer
    Mike Sowinski 1997 Soccer
    Marlon London 1998 Basketball
    Ricky Ruane 1998 Soccer
    Jimmy  Karr 1999 Baseball & Football
    Steve  Morgan 1999 Basketball
    Keith  Perry 1999 Football
    Joseph Tortorich 1999 Soccer
    Brandon Watkins 1999 Basketball
    Ryan Keag 2001 Football
    Neal Gorka 2001 Baseball
    Charles Hayden 2001 Football
    Kevin Gallmeier, Jr. 2002 Football
    Leonardo Rizzo 2002 Soccer
    Chris Hart 2003 Basketball
    Tony Freeman, Jr. 2005 Basketball
    Alex Washington 2005 Basketball
    Nick Berndt 2006 Soccer
    Jonathan  Peoples 2006 Basketball
    Aysha  Washington 2006 Basketball
    Latasha Hollingshed 2007 Basketball
    Demitri  McCamey 2007 Basketball
    Evan Turner 2007 Basketball
    Nate  Rogers 2009 Basketball
    Joseph  Battaglia 2010 Baseball
    Darnissa Gray 2010 Track & Field
    Wayne Simon 2010 Basketball


    Varsity Wrestling 1964
    Varsity Track 1967
    Varsity Soccer 1970
    Varsity Basketball 1975
    Varsity Basketball 1978
    Varsity Soccer 1981
    Varsity Soccer 1982
    Varsity Basketball 1982
    Varsity Basketball 1983
    Varsity Basketball 1984
    Varsity Soccer 1984
    Varsity Soccer 1985
    Varsity Basketball 1986
    Varsity Basketball 1987
    Varsity Golf 1988
    Varsity Basketball 1988
    Varsity Soccer 1989
    Varsity Soccer 1993
    Varsity Soccer 1995
    Class A State Runner-Up Varsity Soccer 1997
    Class AA Second-in-State Varsity Soccer 1998
    Class AA State Champions Varsity Basketball 1999
    Varsity Soccer 2000
    Varsity Girls Basketball Team 2007
    Varsity Boys Soccer 2008


    David Accardi Hockey
    Jack Annetti Football
    Pat Callahan Basketball
    Dennis Doyle  Basketball
    Brother Peter Hannon Soccer
    Bill Hesslau Football
    John Hornacek Baseball & Basketball
    Mike Macken Soccer
    Anthony Manfre Football & Track
    Thomas McMahon Basketball
    Jay Meath Baseball
    Charles Murphy Basketball
    Stanley Niemiec Soccer
    Joe Niezgoda Baseball & Football
    Frank Pasquale Wrestling
    Gene Pingatore Basketball
    Dave Purton Soccer
    Bill Riley Basketball & Baseball
    George Strnad AD & Football