• The ST. JOSEPH THE WORKER AWARD was established in 1991 by the Alumni Association of St. Joseph High School to honor those graduates who have distinguished themselves in business, the arts, science, community service or any area that reflects the motto of the school, Vincit Qui Laborat, translated he conquers, who labors.

    1991 Recipients
    Martin Napoli, Jr. ‘64
    Vice-President, Napco Steel
    John Vosicky ‘66
    CFO, BGF Technology
    Thomas Campbell ‘70
    Member, Chicago Board of Trade
    Brother Thomas Harding, FSC ‘72
    Development, Montini Catholic HS

    1992 Recipients
    Earl J. Filed ‘ 64
    CEO Paramedic Services, Mayor of Norridge
    Gary A. King ‘64
    DuPage County Clerk
    John B. O’Connell, M.D. ‘67
    Cardiac Transplant Surgeon
    Robert P. Griffard ‘67
    Executive Producer, Warner Brothers

    1993 Recipients
    Ronald A. Sage, D.P.M. ‘68
    Chief of Pediatrics, Loyola & Hines
    Reverend Michael J. Solazzo ‘68
    Priest, Archdiocese of Chicago
    Thomas C. Origitano, M.D. ‘72
    Barton Adrian ‘73

    1994 Recipients
    Michael K. Salemi, Ph. D. ‘64
    Economics Professor, University of North Carolina
    Robert J. Dempsey, M.D. ‘69

    1995 Recipients
    Thomas W. Begg, Jr. ‘64
    Director, Security Life & Safety
    Brother Charles Hlava, O.S.B. ‘69
    Asst. Principal, Benet Academy
    Giancarlo Turano ‘70
    Executive VP, Turano Baking Co.
    Carmen D. Soldato ‘75
    Attorney (former mayor of Darien)

    1996 Recipients
    Arthur Behrmann, M.D. ‘71
    Todd S. Hewell III, M.D. ‘71
    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
    David G. Kennedy, M.D. ‘71
    Thomas J. Weigel, M.D. ‘76
    Pediatric Cardiologist

    1997 Recipients
    Philip Corcoran ‘72
    Partner, PCW Investments LLC
    Ronald Romanelli, M.D. ‘72
    Orthopedic Surgeon

    1998 Recipients
    Joseph Connelly, Jr. ‘73
    Banking Executive
    Michael A. Ellis ‘73
    Controller & Boy Scout Volunteer
    Louis B. Scannicchio, DDS ‘73
    Prosthodontist & Oral Oncologist

    1999 Recipients
    Br. Joseph Marco, SDS ‘74
    Chaplain/Grief Counselor

    2000 Recipients
    Darryl Boggs ‘75
    Thomas Justus ‘80
    President, Integrated Components
    Anthony Lumpkin, DDS ‘80
    Family Dentistry
    Kevin Salvino, M.D. ‘75

    2001 Recipients
    Robert E. Dodds ‘66
    Fndr./CEO Racing Champions Corp.
    Steve Harris, '83
    David Kowalski, M.D. ‘64
    Analytical Chemist, Nalco Chemical
    James Olson, M.D. '80
    V.P., Erie Family Health Center
    Fr. Ralph Partie ‘64
    Quincy University Chaplain
    Anthony Rotunno ‘67
    Pres., Rotunno Enterprises, Inc.
    Isiah Thomas ‘79
    NBA All Star/Coach
    Warren Wilkosz ‘67
    Detective, DuPage Country Sheriff
    Patrick Arbor (Honorary)
    President. Board of Trade
    Charles Bidwell III (Honorary)
    President, National Jockey Club
    Chairman, Chicago Motor Speedway

    2002 Recipients
    Richard Abramowski, '64
    V.P., Harcourt-Brace Corporation
    Frank Ahern ‘64
    Owner, Cassidy Tire Company
    Thomas Beamer, M.D. ‘65
    Practitioner & Geriatrician
    Kevin Cleary ‘72
    Fndr./Pres., Fort Dearborn Partners, Inc.
    Lawrence Hersh '68, Ph.D.
    Engineer, GE Med. Systems, IT
    Chlada Family Award
    Reverend John P. Smyth (Honorary)
    Executive Director, Maryville Academy
    Senator Thomas Walsh (Honorary)
    Illinois State Senator

    2003 Recipients
    Mark T. Bohr ‘71
    Sr. Engineer, Institute of EE
    George G. Johnson ‘78
    Pres./CEO Sportsnews Productions
    Kevin Sheehan ‘70
    Develop. Dir., Lockheed Martin Missiles
    Steven Skrabacz ‘82
    Engineer, General Dynamics
    Weigel Family Award

    2004 Recipients
    Hector Gonzalez ‘79
    C-12 Pilot, CW3 U.S. Army Reserve
    James McParland ‘64
    Attorney, McParland & Phillips LLC
    Kelly Family Award

    2005 Recipients
    Charles Hannon ‘80
    Research Associate, Eastman Kodak Co.
    Francis Hannon ‘80
    Dir. Tech. Aff. Alva-Amoco Pharmaceutical Co.
    Tej Singh, M.D. ‘85
    Chief Vascular Surgery, Santa Clara Medical Center

    2006 Recipients
    William Phelan ‘81
    VP and Controller, Sears Holdings
    Ravi Rao, M.D. ‘86
    Pediatric Neurosurgeon
    Corporate Consultant

    2007 Recipients
    James Vitha ‘82
    Commander, U.S. Navy

    2008 Recipients
    Brian O’Connor, Ph.D. ‘68
    Engineering Fellow, Ratheon Co.
    Marc Renc ‘88
    Teacher, Special Education
    Kwak Family Award 

    2009 Recipients
    Bruce Sirus ‘69
    CEO/Pres., Production Plus
    Roger Witek ‘84
    Colonel, US Air Force
    Shea Family Award

    2010 Recipients
    William Weigel ‘70
    President, Selden Fox, Ltd.

    2011 Recipients
    Kevin Fitzgerald ‘71
    VP & Gen. Mgr. Koppers Industries, Inc.
    Randy Hribal ‘86
    Attorney, Law Offices of Randall B. Hribal

    2017 Recipients
    Michael Connelly '82
    Illinois State Senator
    James Lenc '78
    Owner, Richmond Electric
    Mark Polivka '70
    V.P. & Director
    Willow Farm Properties, Inc.
    Jeffrey Tobolski '82
    Mayof of McCook
    Cook County Commissioner
    Chvatal Family Award

    2018 Recipients
    Victor Canzolino, Jr. '73
    LSC Communications
    Robert Kastenholz '73
    Archdiocese of Chicago

    Robert McNichols '68
    Austin McNichols Insurance Agency
    Phelan Family Award

    2019 Recipients
    Tom Chlada '80
    Dir. Trad. Services, RCM
    Jerry Fox '69
    Fox Landscaping
    Christian Mitchell '04
    State Senator, Deputy Governor
    Morrill Family Award
    2020 Recipients
    James Boan '69
    Richard Politowicz '73
    Owner, R Professional Group, Inc.
    The Quintana Family Award