Parent Service Hours

  • Mandatory Service Hours for Parents

    St. Joseph High School relies upon its parents to support all of its programs. To effectively provide the school with parent input and adult support at school-related events, each family is expected to have a parent/guardian contribute 5 hours of service for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Opportunities for service and Instructions to complete documentation can be found on the school website under Parent Resources. Families not fulfilling the required 5 hours may be assessed $10 per service hour not documented. A parent/guardian may also opt out of the service hour requirement completely with a payment of $50. All money assessed or received through this channel will support the efforts of the Parents Association. This organization helps fund extra-curricular costs, including the band, the music ensemble and the computer programming class (robotic kits). 

    We believe the parent participation:

      1. sets an example for the students (their children) as all adults are role models.
      2. is consistent with the student graduation requirement which includes service hours.
      3. may increase interest in some activity to the point where more hours are contributed or perhaps a leadership role is assumed.
      4. may contribute to the success of an event given increased involvement.
      5. can provide a sense of pride and public support.

        Click here to view current opportunities for parent service hours as well as an update on documented hours. Complete all documentation (signed by Contact) by Friday, May 8th. This portal will shut down after this date and will not open again until July of next year.