Special section for Coronavirus online work



    Good Morning Chargers,

    This is the place to start so that you can keep up with your work in any of my classes. While this will be a little strange at the start, we will make it work and like most things, get better as we go.  As I find new ways to communicate, I will be testing those out.

    We'll start simply.  I will post and explain any assignments on the class page for each of my classes, as well explain the calendar with due dates, etc.

    I would suggest starting on this page each day so you can get any important updates, and this is where you find other content which you might find interesting. 

    - For example I will be posting extra credit trivia each day - both related to our class content and current events and pop culture.  Check back later for the Monday 3/16 edition.

    - Try to check in a couple of times per day, to make sure you aren't missing anything.

    - For now, my official office hours will be 11 am - 3 pm.  During those times you can get one-on-one help via email ( or if possible, via a phone or video chat.  That said, I will try to respond to any email within 24 hours.

    The week of 3/16 (this week) was scheduled to be only 3 days of class, so our work will reflect that.

    Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask (via email is best).

    Mr. Bufalino