Financial Assistance & Scholarships

  • We realize there is a great deal of information below.  Please do not be discouraged.  You are not alone in this process and we are here to help.


    For any questions regarding Financial Aid and Scholarships, please contact Tricia McGleam, Director of Admissions at 708-562-4433, ext 116 or



    2020-2021 Financial Assistance Information

    Saint Joseph High School understands that providing a Christian education for young women and men can be financially challenging.  We are aware of the growing cost of education, and for 60 years, Saint Joseph High School has been committed to providing financial assistance and scholarship opportunities to families and students.


    Financial aid and scholarships/grants may be found in a variety of sources including: 

    1. In-house financial aid, scholarships, and grants (provided by Saint Joseph High School through the generosity of donors)
    2. Through Illinois Tax Credit scholarship programs
    3. Outside organizations/sources. 


    More information regarding each of these sources can be found in the respective sections below.


    In-House Financial Aid/Eligibility

    Saint Joseph High School has developed a financial assistance program to assist families with the cost of tuition.  Saint Joseph High School uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to collect and analyze family financial data.  FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, an independent outside provider, creates a custom application to securely collect families’ financial data.  When figuring out eligibility, St. Joseph High School considers the following factors: family size, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and priorities for spending.  All information submitted to FACTS and St. Joseph High School is kept confidential. 


    Each year, families may apply for financial assistance through the FACTS Financial Aid Application.  This application MUST be completed to be considered.  One per household is required as soon as possible.  The form and more information can be found at


    All financial aid is based on a demonstrated need.  Families wishing to be considered for tuition assistance must submit an application through FACTS as stated above.

    The primary responsibility for financing a private school education rests with the student’s family. Exceptions will be made if the parent is unemployed and seeking employment, critically ill or disabled, or caring for a critically ill disabled child, parent, or grandparent.


    In-House Scholarships/Grants*

    St. Joseph High School offers the following forms of scholarships and grants in an effort to work with families whose sons and daughters qualify to attend but need financial support: 

    *PLEASE NOTE: in order to qualify for in-house scholarships, 8th graders MUST have taken the St. Joseph High School Entrance Exam on Saturday, December 5, 2020, be accepted and register with St. Joseph High School.  

    • Academic Scholarships (Up to $1,000): Based on the student's outstanding performance on December Entrance Exam.  

    • Presidential Grant ($500): Awarded to freshmen students, through a competitive application process, who exhibit excellence in the areas of academics and extracurricular activities, a strong character, and a sense of religious vision that will enrich the spirit of family and Christian community at St. Joseph High School. 
      • Applications for the Presidential Grant are available to all students who are accepted and registered for classes at St. Joseph High School.  

    • Tomorrow's Leaders Award, A Vincit Qui Laborat Grant ($250): The St. Joseph High School Tomorrow’s Leaders Award will honor eighth grade students who exhibit excellence and leadership in areas of academics, extracurricular activities, and community service. 
      • A Vincit Qui Laborat Grant will be awarded to each Tomorrow’s Leaders Award winner if and only if the student takes the December Entrance Exam at St. Joseph, is accepted to the school, and is registered for class at St. Joseph High School. 

    • St. Joseph Scholarship ($1,000): Students who take the entrance exam at St. Joseph High School in December can apply for this award if they graduated from a private or Catholic grade school and who register with St. Joseph High School in March.

    • The Charger Community Scholarship ($2,000): Students who take the entrance exam at St. Joseph in December can apply for this award if they reside in Westchester OR graduate from Westchester Middle School, Divine Providence, or Immanuel Lutheran.


    Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program (for Students)

    Below is the information for the Big Shoulders and Employer Illinois applications and facts sheet. Due to a high volume of applications each year, we suggest you should apply to both as soon as they open.


    Big Shoulders                           Empower Illinois


    Outside Scholarship Opportunities

    In addition to the in-house financial assistance, students may receive awards from various groups and/or organizations.  Most opportunities have similar financial requirements in addition to academic achievement. 


    Please pay attention to each organization’s strict deadlines.  If you have questions about an organization’s application process, families should reach out directly to the organization.


    • Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
      • Accepts applications from students who are in 8th grade and who live in Chicago, Berwyn, or Cicero.  This fund provides financial aid to students whose family’s combined income is under $65,000.  Application deadline is October. Visit for details.  


    • HFS Chicago Scholars
      • Provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged, at-risk Chicago inner-city students who show academic leadership and promise.  Application deadline is December.  Visit for details.


    • HighSight
      • Provides scholarships to Chicago families with motivated students.  Application deadline is late February.  Visit for details.


    • LINK Unlimited
      • LINK awards $3,000- $5,000 per year to economically disadvantaged African-American students.  Application deadline is November.  Visit for details.


    • Other Sources
      • You may also check with religious-based communities and fraternal organizations such as Knights of Columbus or local Rotary clubs who may offer financial awards to grammar/ high school students.