Soccer (Boys)

  • The Charger varsity soccer team lost 7-0 to Brother Rice Thursday in Chicago.


    St. Joe soccer The St. Joseph varsity soccer team lost 11-0 to St. Ignatius on Sept. 10 in Westchester. The young Charger squad trailed 8-0 at halftime but regrouped to hold the Wolves to three goals in the second half.


    The St. Joseph varsity soccer team kicked off the 2019 campaign with an 8-0 loss to Proviso West on Sept. 4 in Hillside.



    St. Joseph High School 2019 Boys Varsity Soccer



    Alfredo Velazquez                                          9

    David Galandak                                            12

    Kevin Foleno                                                12

    Omar Vidales                                                 9

    Lucas Hansen                                              12

    Giovanni Leanos                                           12

    Mikko Flojo                                                    9

    Dion Antwood                                              12

    Joaquin Alvarez                                            10

    Jean Baptiste Medjo Me Zengue                      11

    Matthew Kubeczko                                        11

    Jimmy Milas                                                  10

    Oscar Guererro                                              9

    Maurice Elzy                                                  10

    Nate Rodriguez                                             12

    Adam Garza                                                    9

    Nathan Payan                                                  10

    Geovanny Lopez                                             10

    James Stiso                                                     10

    Matthew Waltheusen                                      12

    Eduardo Manzanarez                                      12

    Maurice Elzy                                                   10



    Head Coach:               Matt Sinacore

    Assistant Coach:         Chad Polak


    Any student-athlete wishing to play soccer should contact Coach Matt Sinacore



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