• Programs/Services


    The School Counseling Department at St. Joseph High School provides a comprehensive and developmental counseling program which facilitates student development in three areas: educational, vocational, and personal/social. This process is ongoing throughout the student’s high school years and is accomplished through individual appointments, assessments, classroom activities, referrals or consultations with parents or guardians, teachers or other specialists.

    Programs and services of the School Counseling Department include:

    1. Academic Counseling—School counselors provide students with academic support and assistance throughout the year, focusing on the overall four-year plan with the aid of quarterly progress indicators and tutoring support when needed.

    2. Personal Counseling—Personal counseling is provided to students as needed. Given the limitations of a school counseling program, students with serious personal concerns are provided with outside referral resources.

    3. College/Career Counseling—College & Career counseling is facilitated through computer guided programs as well as classroom presentations and individual meetings. College counseling begins freshman year with developmental programs designed to prepare students in identifying interests and abilities and selection of an appropriate college. The college admission, application and scholarship/financial aid process is facilitated by counselors through parent, individual and student group sessions. The department provides a College Planning Night for parents and students early each fall.

    Counselors will meet with students throughout the year. However, students are always welcome to make an appointment with their counselor whenever necessary. In order to set up an appointment, a student may email or stop by the counseling department. Parents are welcome to call or email the counselor to schedule an appointment, leave a message or ask a question.