The purpose of Development is to keep all the constituents of St. Joseph High School informed, engaged, and supportive of the school’s mission. Development consists of a multidisciplinary team of staff and volunteers who specialize in specific areas: major gifts, grants from foundations and corporations, signature events, PR and marketing, alumni relations, legacy commitments, and research. Each of these specialized areas reports to the Executive Director of Finance and Development and, as a group, has a combined fundraising goal of $2 million annually.


    Fundraising at St. Joseph High School is critical to serving our students, most of whom cannot afford the full tuition. All members of the St. Joseph High School community play a role in the fundraising process. From the Board of Directors to the Development Committee, to the alumni, faculty, families and students, roles are available.


    There is an expectation that Development/Fundraising takes place in both monetary and non-monetary ways. Alumni, whether from the first graduating class of 1964 or the most recent class of 2020, are given every chance to show their “Charger Pride” by gifting money, time, or talent to the school. Examples of fundraising initiatives: Super Raffle night, the Charger Nation program with a goal to have each member commit to a multi-year contribution of $1000 or more, and events like the annual golf outing. At the other end of the spectrum, a Student Ambassador program gives interested students the opportunity to host visitors to the school.


    Development is much more than raising money. St. Joseph High School conducts several events annually to reaffirm existing relationships and cultivate new ones. These include the alumni awards night and donor recognition event. Marketing and PR also play a major part in supporting Development efforts and promoting St. Joseph High School. Tactics utilized include social media, websites, electronic notification, signage, and collateral material.