Over the past 60 years, St. Joseph High School has endeavored to provide an outstanding educational experience for all of its students. The alumni of the school have taken with them a deep connection to each other and a love of their alma mater. Their success in the world demonstrates that they received from St. Joseph the skills needed for their success.  Through the years our educational programs have met the needs of struggling learners as well as those academically gifted. Together these students grew in a community that embraced diversity and prepared them for the real world.

    Today, St. Joseph is analyzing the academic needs of its students as well as the skills necessary for them to be successful in a very diverse and challenging world. The school’s curriculum is evolving in order to prepare the students for the unknown and unanticipated. The learning experience will be guided by a standard of academic excellence as well as the behavioral and networking skills required in today’s workplace. A strong technological orientation will be integrated with our excellent college preparatory curriculum that will permit our students to move seamlessly into university life or future workplace.

    St. Joseph is poised to create and lead a network of community-based relationships.  These relationships will allow our students the contacts and experiences needed for future success. The involvement of all of our stakeholders, students, teachers, community members, is needed in crafting our enhanced curriculum. This involvement itself, as well as the new studies created, will best equip St. Joseph to serve students today and throughout the next 60 years.