US Government Periods 1, 4, and 6

US Government
  • Make sure to login into the google classroom to complete the work assigned each week. Here is this weeks schedule.

    March 23rd to March 27th

    Day 1- Monday Voting in the United States
    Review - Winning the White House-Google Slides           Presentation
    Complete Word Worksheet Voting Information  (Due 3/24)


    Day 2- Tuesday - Complete
    Measurement of Public Opinion- Video & Quiz
    Voting Information Worksheet Due

    Day 3- Wednesday - Complete Video and Quiz for Both
    Frames of Reference: How America Views the political System
    Political Parties in US Influences and Voter Turnout

    Day 4- Thursday - Review - Ingredient of a Campaign-Google Slide Presentation
    Place Questions and answers on a google doc then submit.

    Day 5- Friday - Play iCivic game Winning the White House (Due 3/30) make sure to use the sign on you were given.
    If you do not know it make sure to email me otherwise you will not get credit for completing this assignment. 

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