Yearbook (The Blazon)


    A blazon is a written description of a coat of arms or similar emblem that allows the reader to create a visual image.  In a similar fashion, The Blazon yearbook is a written (and pictorial) description of St. Joseph High School and its distinctive elements through which a student and soon-to-be-graduate is able to recall the memories he or she experienced while a student at St. Joe's. 

    The pictorial history of a school year is entrusted to a dedicated group of students who design layouts, edit digital photographs, write copy and combine graphics to produce lasting memories for the Chargers of St. Joseph High School.

    An Editor-in-Chief, co-editors and staff members create the book from anywhere there is Internet access.  All editors have rights to view and edit the book at all times.

    If you are interested in joining the yearbook staff, contact Ms. Sweeney.