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    As this is a rigorous college level course, students should expect 45 minutes of homework (minimum) assigned per class. I strongly encourage students to participate in extra-curriculurs and the exam schedule, homework schedule, etc. will be adjusted for Homecoming, Kairos Retreat, etc.

    Students are required to bring their textbook, note book, pencil and graphing calculator to every class.

    Two of the same textbooks will be provided. I suggest keping one book at school and the other book at home.

    Semester one covered limits, differentiation and one chapter on integration, i.e., integration using pattern recognition and with 'u' substitution. Semester two will pick up with Section 4.6, Chapter 5,6, and sections 7.1-7.3, and part of section 8.6. After completing this material, a comprehensive review including sample AP questions will begin in order to prepare students for the AP Exam on May 5, 2020.


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