The school calendar is given to students at the beginning of the school year with advance publication of major dates. Family business, vacation plans, personal leaves, etc. should not interfere with school time. St. Joseph High School strongly discourages families from taking a student out of school for family trips or vacations. When such trips are planned, it is the responsibility of the student to find out what he/she has missed during the absence from school. It is the responsibility of the student to see that all tests, assignments, etc., are completed on or before the deadlines determined by the teacher. it is not the responsibility of the teachers to reteach subject matter missed. The school reserves the right to review the academic status of students who have been absent for more than eight days per semester regardless of the status of the absence (excused or unexcused). The Dean of Students and/or Principal will review extenuating circumstances. The following steps will be taken: After three absences per quarter without documentation, the Dean of Students and/or the student’s counselor will communicate with the student’s parents. After eight absences per semester, the Administrative Team will determine the consequenes, which may result in loss of credit and may include withdrawal from St. Joseph. 


    Should circumstances require a student to be absent from school, the following procedures must be followed:
    Each day of the absence, the parent or guardian must call the school office [708-562-4433 - extension 124 between 7:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. to report the absence]. Messages may be left the night prior to the absence. Extended absence of three or more days due to illness requires documentation by a physician. However, if necessity requires a student to miss part of the school day, then a parent must call the school before 8:00 A.M. to request an early dismissal. Students are expected to be in class daily and to be on time for every class. Absences will be classified as excused or unexcused. Students are responsible for obtaining missed class content and homework for an excused absence. In the event of an unexcused absence, students may not submit make-up or late work or make up tests. Any request for an exception to the make-up policy must be directed to the Dean of Students and/or Principal.

    The following are acceptable reasons for excused absences:
    Illness (up to three per quarter without documentation)
    Medical appointments (with a doctor's note)
    College Visits (with counselor's approval)
    Court (paper work must be brought in)

    Each day a student is absent from school the parent/guardian must report the absence by telephone to the Main Office. If a phone call is not received by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence, the absence will be considered unexcused. Notes from parents or guardians are not acceptable and are not substitutes for the phone call to the Attendance Office. The Dean of Students determines the status of an absence (excused, unexcused or truant). Truancy means staying away from school without notifying the school for proper approval. When a student is truant, his or her parents will be notified. The consequence for truancy is a zero for the day and a day of in-school suspension. A second truancy may result in a discipline board hearing.


    Students who are tardy to school must report directly to the Main Office.

    Action Consequence

    4th Tardy: Email to parent (or letter home if we do not have a parent email address on file)

    5th, 6th, & 7th Tardies Dean’s detention.

    8th or more tardies Three Hour Saturday Detention for each one

    When a student arrives late to school, he/she is to report to the tardy desk for an admit slip. Since the student is allowed four tardies per semester, there are no excused tardies for eventualities such as car problems or other personal difficulties. If a student is tardy for more than half of his/her first period class and beyond, then the policies and procedures for absences and attendance will apply Failure to follow these procedures may result in the same consequence as cutting class.


    Students who are tardy to class must report directly to their assigned class. Teachers will issue a Dean’s detention on the student’s fourth tardy. Students must serve this detention on the day it was issued and teachers will keep track of tardies per semester.